2019: The Year of Creativity and Humor

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo to a photography Facebook group. It was a photo I had recently taken of a Krampus Run in Fussen, Germany. Earlier, I was editing my photos from the run in Lightroom and was frustrated with the way they had turned out: blurry with deep shadows. I wanted feedback from fellow photographers on what I could have done differently.

The Krampus Run was not a planned photo shoot. I had stumbled upon it. I was carrying a Nikon D610 camera with a 24-70 mm lens on it. No tripod. No extra lighting.

The photographers in the group responded with constructive feedback, but they surprised me by also saying they liked the photo. I thought on their responses for most of the day. I asked: Why is it I saw a blurry photo with deep shadows, and my fellow photographers saw creativity? Do I need to redefine my creative boundaries?

The experience changed my perspective, and because of it, 2019 will be the year I retrain my visual eye and mind to search for unexpected creativity. I’ve also started to see a pattern to some of my past photos, so I will also be adding a personal project that documents everyday humor to my weekly journals.

I’d love to have you join me on my journey. I’ll post one photo a week with my failures and successes. I’m not doing this because I’m looking for perfection. I’m looking to grow. I’m looking for unexpected creativity.


The following image is the Krampus Run photo I posted to the photography Facebook group - the photo that helped change my perspective.

All photography by Ingrid McQuivey. Copyrighted.

All photography by Ingrid McQuivey. Copyrighted.

Photo of the Week

Date: January 01 - 06, 2019

My Constraints: I could only photograph within one city block - Longview, Washington; One camera - Nikon D610; One lens - 24-70 mm

I ventured out one day last week. It rained. In the past, I would have snuggled up inside and ignored my camera. Instead, I purchased a transparent umbrella and shot a series of photos through a theater window.

My successes: I stayed within my constraints; I like how the red curtain is mirrored in the reflection and the effect it had on the scene.

My failures: My hands were cold so I wasn’t patient enough. I needed to wait for another person to pass by. I don’t like how the man’s image runs into the umbrella. And next time, I would not have stood so close to the window.

All photography by Ingrid McQuivey. Copyrighted.

All photography by Ingrid McQuivey. Copyrighted.

Thank you for stopping by. May your upcoming week be filled with unexpected creativity.