Photo of the Week: January 14, 2019

Last week, I ventured out to photograph on a bright, sunny day. I had two goals in mind: 1) Photograph during a time of “bad light" 2) Shoot with creativity.

I wanted to photograph during a time of “bad light” for a January challenge issued by David DuChemin. I belong to his private Facebook photography group. Each month, as photographers, we are given challenges to overcome.

For my creativity challenge, I wanted to use a camera setting I had not used before. I set my camera to miniature mode and shot away. I had no idea if it worked? I may have been too close to my subject; I’m not sure? I set my f-stop at 2.5, which seems to have a similar bokeh effect when shooting in miniature mode. Feel free to reach out to me if you have mastered miniature photography.

I photographed the following photo during mid-day with no cloud cover inside a local park. I ventured to a grouping of trees and shot whatever laid amongst the leaves. Unfortunately, during the summer months, someone had left a plastic lawn chair with an empty cigarette packet sitting on it. It upset me that someone littered, so I documented it. Litter does not make for a pleasant subject matter, but being a hiker and someone who loves the outdoors, it’s discouraging to find trash scattered in the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest and in our parks.

Please be respectful of nature and our earth and follow The Leave No Trace Seven Principles.

IngridMcQuiveyPhotography_01-19-_Vancouver, Washington_Final.jpg

Nikon D 610 camera settings: 1/400 Sec at f/2.5; ISO 100; Set to Miniature Effect

Lens: 35 mm

Lightroom post processing: Increased exposure, strong contrast, slight clarity; reduced noise and grain; slight white clipping

Successes: Navigating “bad light”

Failures: Navigating miniature mode in camera; litter is not my favorite subject matter

May your 2019 be filled with unexpected creativity!